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 Currency in HoD (v0.1_4)

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PostSubject: Currency in HoD (v0.1_4)   Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:48 am

With the fundraiser right around the corner to being complete, that means that the game will be back in development stages. With that being said, upon release of v0.1_4, you will see a big new feature added, in which the name is currency.

The currency will simply be Gold Coins that you will be able to collect from monster kills or by purchasing from the online store! The currency can be used for a variety of items to buy from shops to getting the Town Sage to identify items you picked up during your quests, there will be many reasons that gold is needed in HoD.

Of course, since this is being added into the game, we will also have to impliment a database that will be used to store player files (Which holds your username, password, level, coin count, etc.), this being added will make players feel alot more accomplished about playing HoD because they can keep getting higher in stats rather than it reseting everytime you restart the game.

As part of the BETA testing, anybody that is to start playing once this update has been made, all accounts will be given a start off amount of 5,000 Gold Coins. After that, coins can be obtained by drops from monsters (they will usually drop 1 to 10 coins) or by purchasing them using the online system. The system is currently in progress so there is no set pricing for certain coin amounts but we will get that list to you soon.

If you feel any of this above seems like it doesn't appease you, please let me know the reasoning and I will find a way to work around the current plans to see if I can fit your feedback, thanks.

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Currency in HoD (v0.1_4)
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