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 Official Forums Created!

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PostSubject: Official Forums Created!   Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:17 pm

Today marks the beginning of the official Hunter of Darkness forums.

This will generally benefit everyone involved in HoD, from the staff to the loyal players. Below is a list of ways the forums will help a little in every way to make HoD and its community stronger and better.

  • A category dedicated to post news/announcements about HoD.
  • A category dedicated to receiving topics from players on their feedback about the game.
  • A category to support the creation of guides and tutorials made by the staff and players to help make the community.
  • A category for players to help other players with problems they need resolved and also a support forum to receive bug reports, etc. for Moderators/Administrators to see.
  • Finally there will also be a general discussion category were the community can talk about anything HoD related that doesn't go in the other categories.

More categories will be added throughout the time, but this is the basic ones for now to be used.

Thanks for being a part of the Hunter of Darkness community and we look forward to seeing the forums in use soon enough!


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Official Forums Created!
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